My Approach

Whether you are experiencing chronic distress or a longing for expanded growth and fulfillment, my holistic approach to therapy has something to offer. Whole Person Psychotherapy is designed to aid you in claiming the joy and depth of who you truly are.

I practice using a well-informed, well-applied integrative approach to therapy that is highly experiential, body-oriented, and person-centered.  My therapeutic style allows us to tailor each therapy hour and course of treatment to your unique, individual concerns in a way that is mindful, engaging, compassionate, and direct; and which never reduces you down into a problem, label, or generalization.

You already have everything you need in order to feel more satisfied, healthy and whole.  Pain and suffering occur when your access to your joy, inner integrity, and presence is blocked.  The therapeutic work is to first explore and discover your personal blocks and those “parts” of yourself that feel wounded and stuck, and then to bring new awareness to them. You will begin to experiment with new ways of understanding, relating, and making contact with these inner blocks, your self, and others around you; and thereby “transmute” much of your stuckness and suffering into openness, receptivity and flow. You will find ways to integrate, accept and heal your whole Self.

This process of growth and lasting change is greatly advanced in therapy through the vehicle of the relationship established and nurtured between therapist and client.  Personal growth, change and healing only occur in relationship; thus, it is the quality of contact between you and I that matters most in determining positive therapeutic outcome. Therefore, we will use our relationship to further explore and experiment with how you habitually “show up in the world,” get your needs met, and how you might begin to navigate your external and internal worlds in new and more satisfying ways.

Examples of areas and methods of growth and transformation:

  • Clear emotional scarring with awareness,
    physical movement techniques, and deep collaborative exploration
  • Resolve family of origin dynamics and formative “blueprints” that affect your work, school, and present relationships
  • Discover open, relaxed, joyful, and potent aspects of your self
  • Build upon authentic communication through challenging self-awareness and expressive exercises
  • Enhance your ability to experience depth and intimacy with others through relational experiments
  • Learn how to regulate the emotional nervous system to address moderate to extreme mental distress

Individuals have reported positive results with the following struggles and desires/needs:

Mental, Emotional, and Physical Health

  • Depression, Anxiety, Social Fear
  • Bi-polar Disorder
  • Attention Difficulties
  • Addiction and Recovery
  • Trauma
  • Chronic Pain, Disease
  • Emotional Dysregulation


  • Intimacy Blocks and Conflict
  • Attachment Wounds
  • Sexuality, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Expression

Teens and Young Adults

  • Transition during Adolescence
  • Transition through Young Adulthood into Adulthood
  • Sexual Identity Formation
  • College Life

Spiritual, Transpersonal, and Enrichment

  • Rediscovering your Body and Heart
  • Life Purpose and Path
  • Mindfulness Practice and Presence