IMG_2152Welcome! And thanks for checking out my practice.  The process of choosing a therapist can feel vulnerable and daunting; and engaging in a therapeutic relationship in order to address and work through your particular suffering takes incredible insight and courage.

Right here and now, I urge you to consider how brave, proactive, and wise you are being in “simply” researching therapeutic options for yourself.  Taking the initiative to visit my site, and to read these words, for example, is a sign of your innate resilience, curiosity, and sanity.  Whatever the circumstances and experiences are that bring you here—you’ve already begun the process of this personal undertaking to lessen your suffering and increase joy, satisfaction, and vitality. You’re already on your way.

We all get stuck sometimes; and we suffer.  Life often feels messy and chaotic, and in the midst of “the daily grind” we experience ourselves as unbalanced, fragmented, and “all over the place.” Life is perpetually full of transition and change; and our habituated ways of being in the world are often at odds with the ebb and flow of life’s events, and we experience stress, conflict and pain.  Despite our efforts to cope with challenges, we often become overwhelmed, and we feel stuck.

  • Maybe you feel isolated, alone? Disconnected from others, your own feelings, your body?
  • Maybe you feel consumed and controlled by chronic negative thoughts, beliefs and feelings?
  • Perhaps you struggle with low self-worth and feeling “not good enough”?
  • Maybe you feel anxious, nervous, and are unable to release and relax?
  • Perhaps you have particular “unfinished business” from your past that perpetually plagues you in the present, causing problems in your daily life and in your personal relationships?
  • Perhaps you are in the midst of major transition? Experiencing a great loss and grieving?
  • Maybe you desire to discover more of your authentic self, your true identity, and/or life purpose?

I can help you un-stick you, so you can get moving, flowing, and reconnected. As a deeply relational, engaging, and down-to-earth therapist, I will meet you where you are, just as you are, in an atmosphere of openness and acceptance.  We simply start where you are.

You are the one true expert of yourself, and I am a well-traveled and resourced guide. Side by side, you and I will actively collaborate to traverse your personal terrain together, mindfully, with heart and humor.  I will challenge and support you on this path to manifesting and embodying a more balanced, satisfying, and whole life.

With a present, here-and-now focus on integrating aspects of mind, body, and heart, we will embark upon a very experiential and interactive process of Self-discovery and healing.  You will learn to cultivate deeper awareness and acceptance (especially with those “parts” of yourself that feel dark, vulnerable, scared, and/or silenced), and build incrementally upon your innate wisdom and personal strengths.  An increase in vitality, groundedness, clarity, connectedness, self-worth, acceptance, and joy is possible.